Learn About the Healthy Men and Boys Summit and Newly Forming Network

A Message from MRC Board Chairs
Steven Botkin and Rob Okun

Dear friends of the MRC:

We are excited about the future of the Men's Resource Center, and to be working together as the new co-chairs of the board. We're especially pleased with the recent MRC-sponsored "Healthy Men and Boys Summit" on June 16. Our vision of building a Western Massachusetts network of organizations and people working to support positive expressions of masculinity is under way. Since the MRC was originally called the Men's Resource Connection, we see the organization returning to our core mission of making connections. For more information about the summit , click here.

Over the course of our more than three decades of service to the community, the MRC has been the focal point for a range of initiatives and programs aimed at transforming society's ideas about masculinity—from challenging men's violence to supporting boys on the journey to healthy manhood. From our early monthly men's brunches and supporting women's Take Back the Night marches, we began offering weekly support groups for a variety of men, including those in the GBTQ community and those who survived abuse; for youth of color, and for fathers. Another program, Men Overcoming Violence, offered groups specifically for men acting abusively toward their spouses. We published a quarterly newsletter and initiated signature ad campaigns decrying violence. We wrote op-eds for the newspapers and literally walked our talk, coordinating men’s walks to end abuse throughout the region.

From this MRC hub of connection, have emerged many individuals, projects and organizations creating a ripple effect around the region and the world — from trainings on the African continent to work nationally with Latino men; from one book about abusive men on the road to nonviolence to another about the profeminist men's movement; from an educational theater program for college men to health awareness trainings for urban men of color.

As we mobilize for this next stage in the story of the MRC, we want to express our deepest gratitude to Mark Nickerson for his long-term service to the organization as board chair, and to all the other board members and volunteers who helped to sustain the organization through these times of transition.  We are excited to build on the strengths of the MRC's rich history and, with a growing network of partners and allies, to help create a movement of men and boys working as allies with women and girls, role models and mentors in their families and communities to establish a healthy, vibrant community committed to gender equality.

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As part of the re-launching of the MRC, we are starting a new email list for upcoming news about the MRC. If you wish to be added to this list, click here to email us. Please include your name, organization, mailing and email addresses.

MRC Support Groups Go Independent

The drop-in men's support groups program that the MRC operated for many years has become an independent organization, Valley Men's Support Groups, which is funded in part by a grant from the MRC. Please visit their website, www.vmsupportgroups.org, for more information.

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